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Lab Phone Numbers: (847) 491-3714 and (847) 467-0104
Fax Number: (847) 491-4461

Principal Investigator

Professor Richard I. Morimoto
(847) 491-3340

Lab Manager

Sue Fox
(847) 467-1034

Project Coordinator

Georgette Pliml
(847) 467-2126

Address for U.S. Mail

Department of Molecular Biosciences
Northwestern University
2205 Tech Drive, Hogan 2-100
Evanston, IL 60208-3500

Address for UPS and FedEx

Department of Molecular Biosciences
Northwestern University
2145 Sheridan Road, Tech MG90
Evanston, IL 60208

Driving Directions

The Morimoto lab is located in Cook Hall, 2220 Campus Drive in Evanston, Illinois.

From the South

Once in Evanston get on Sheridan Road or Chicago Avenue (Chicago Avenue merges into Sheridan Road). Continue north on Sheridan Road until you reach Lincoln Ave. (a stoplight), which is at the far north end of campus. Turn right (east) and the road will curve south and become North Campus Dr.

If you have a temporary parking permit, park in the lot on the right side of Campus Dr. Campus Dr. dead-ends into Cook Hall. Our office is located on the third floor in the northeast corner of the building, Room 3127. The lab is located in Room 3103.

From the North

Proceed South on Sheridan Road. Turn left (east) at the intersection of Sheridan and Lincoln. Lincoln becomes North Campus Drive and curves south. Follow parking instructions in paragraph above.

Transcriptional regulation of heat shock response
Roles of Molecular Chaperones in Protein Folding, Trafficking, and Stress Sensors in Cell Growth and Death
All Chaperome Project
Misfolded and aggregation prone proteins in neu
C elegans as a model system for analysis of stress response and diseases of protein misfolding
Small molecule screen for the stress response
Systems Approach to Stress Biology