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Morimoto Undergraduate Research Seminars are held every week. This seminar series is organized by and for the undergraduate students working in the Morimoto Lab to provide an opportunity to present and discuss their own research work. Please go to the MURS website for more information on the seminars, the undergrad research experience, and funding.

Visiting Scholars

How to Apply

We welcome the opportunity to consider your application. If you are interested in studying in the Morimoto Laboratory, please email Richard I. Morimoto ( with an outline of your plan of research. Include your CV. Non-U.S. scholars should also refer to the International Office website.

NU International Office

Transcriptional regulation of heat shock response
Roles of Molecular Chaperones in Protein Folding, Trafficking, and Stress Sensors in Cell Growth and Death
All Chaperome Project
Misfolded and aggregation prone proteins in neu
C elegans as a model system for analysis of stress response and diseases of protein misfolding
Small molecule screen for the stress response
Systems Approach to Stress Biology