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member photo Barry Aprison, Visiting Scholar
member photo Laura Bott, Postdoctoral Fellow
Renee Brielmann, Research Technician
Kedi Cao, Masters Student, QSB Program
member photo Eirene Fithian, Undergraduate Researcher
member photo Sue Fox, Laboratory Manager
member photo Rogan Grant, Graduate Student, NUIN
member photo Kyoko Kohno, Undergraduate Researcher
member photo Lily Liu, Undergraduate Researcher
member photo Jeonghyun Moon, Undergraduate Researcher
member photo Rick Morimoto, Professor and Principal Investigator
member photo Claire Morton, Undergraduate Researcher
member photo Mujtaba Najeed, Undergraduate Researcher
member photo Georgette Pliml, Business Administrator
member photo Ambre Sala, Postdoctoral Fellow
member photo Yoko Shibata, Postdoctoral Fellow
member photo Tessa Sinnige, Postdoctoral Fellow
member photo Charlie Stark, Undergraduate Researcher
patrick mccmullen Thomas Stoeger, Postdoctoral Fellow (with Luis Amaral lab in Chemical and Biological Engineering)
Xiaojing Sui, Postdoctoral Fellow
Tiffany Thibaudeau, Postdoctoral Fellow
patrick mccmullen Anan Yu, Research Assistant Professor
Transcriptional regulation of heat shock response
Roles of Molecular Chaperones in Protein Folding, Trafficking, and Stress Sensors in Cell Growth and Death
All Chaperome Project
Misfolded and aggregation prone proteins in neu
C elegans as a model system for analysis of stress response and diseases of protein misfolding
Small molecule screen for the stress response
Systems Approach to Stress Biology