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Two research institutions in which Dr. Morimoto has a leadership role, the Chicago Biomedical Consortium and the Rice Institute, are profiled, as well as the Proteostasis Consortium. Links to the websites of several nationwide organizations devoted to finding the causes and cures for the genetic diseases we study in the Morimoto Lab are provided under Patient Information.

New lab members relocating from another town or another country will find our directory of information about Evanston and Chicago helpful in getting settled. Topics covered include childcare, housing, and transportation. Everyone is encouraged to consult the directory for dining and entertainment ideas, and other cultural events the Chicago and Evanston areas have to offer.

Transcriptional regulation of heat shock response
Roles of Molecular Chaperones in Protein Folding, Trafficking, and Stress Sensors in Cell Growth and Death
All Chaperome Project
Misfolded and aggregation prone proteins in neu
C elegans as a model system for analysis of stress response and diseases of protein misfolding
Small molecule screen for the stress response
Systems Approach to Stress Biology