Members of the Rosenzweig Lab

Principal Investigator

Amy C. Rosenzweig

Email: amyr at northwestern dot edu

Curriculum Vitae


B.A. Chemistry, 1988, Amherst College
Ph.D. Chemistry, 1994, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Professional Appointments

Chair, Department of Molecular Biosciences, Northwestern University, 2023-present
Weinberg Family Distinguished Professor of Life Sciences, Northwestern University, 2012-present
Professor, Departments of Molecular Biosciences and of Chemistry, Northwestern University, 2005-present
Irving M. Klotz Research Professor, Northwestern University, 2004-2006
Associate Professor, Departments of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Cell Biology and of Chemistry, Northwestern University, 2002-2005
Assistant Professor, Departments of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Cell Biology and of Chemistry, Northwestern University, 1997–2002
Harvard Medical School and Dana Farber Cancer Institute, NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1994–1997

Recent Honors and Awards

The Protein Society Hans Neurath Award, 2021
American Chemical Society Alfred Bader Award in Bioinorganic or Bioorganic Chemistry, 2021
Elected Member, National Academy of Sciences, 2017
Elected Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2014
Royal Society of Chemistry Joseph Chatt Award, 2014
Elected Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2007
American Chemical Society Nobel Laureate Signature Award for Graduate  Education, 2006
Honorary Degree, Doctor of Science, Amherst College, 2005
MacArthur Fellow, 2003
Camille Dreyfus Teacher Scholar Award, 2001
David and Lucile Packard Fellow, 1999

Professor Rosenzweig is also Faculty Director of the Keck Biophysics Facility, a state of the art instrumentation laboratory at Northwestern.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dayna Patterson

B.S. Chemistry, 2016, Houston Baptist University
Ph.D. Chemistry, 2021, Penn State University
Email: dayna.patterson at northwestern dot edu

Olivia Manley

B.S. Chemistry, 2016, Winthrop University
Ph.D. Chemistry, 2021, North Carolina State University
Email: olivia.manley at northwestern dot edu

Andrew Blake

B.S. Biological Sciences, 2014, M.S. Applied Molecular Biology, 2016, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Ph.D. Biochemistry, 2022, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Email: andrew.blake at northwestern dot edu

Graduate Students

Gerri Roberts

B.S. Chemistry, 2017, Caltech
E-mail: gerriroberts2023 at u dot northwestern dot edu

Reyvin Reyes

B.S. Integrative Biology Honors and Chemistry, 2019, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
E-mail: reyvinreyes2024 at u dot northwestern dot edu

Frank Tucci

B.A. Chemistry and Neuroscience and Behavior, 2019, Wesleyan University
E-mail: franktucci2025 at u dot northwestern dot edu

Caitlin Palmer

B.S., Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2019, M.S. Inorganic Chemistry, 2020, East Carolina University
E-mail: caitlinpalmer2025 at u dot northwestern dot edu

Joey Ayala

B.S., Biochemistry and Applied Mathematics, 2019, M.S. Biochemistry, 2021, Arizona State University
E-mail: joseayala2026 at u dot northwestern dot edu

Undergraduate Students

Andrea Schwartz

class of 2024

Laiqa Mazhar

class of 2025

Jessica Alcantara

class of 2026

Rosenzweig Lab Alumni

Former Graduate Students

Walter C. Voegtli (1997-2002, Senior Director, Discovery Research, Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc.)

Matthew T. Miller (1998-2003, Senior Scientist, Insamed, Inc.)

Amy K. Wernimont (1999-2003, Chief of Staff, Office of Director at Center for Scientific Review, National Institutes of Health)

Raquel L. Lieberman (1998-2005, Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology)

Carnie Abajian (2000-2006, Research Analyst and Field Representative, CNA Corporation)

Amanda S. Hakemian (2002-2008, Chemistry Instructor, Normandale Community College, Bloomington, MN)

Stephen M. Smith (2003-2011, Professor, Sheridan College, Ontario, Canada)

Uchechi E. Ukaegbu (2004-2009, Associate Director, Quality Technical Operations, Bristol Myers Squibb)

Matthew E. Traverso (2005-2010, Technical Trainer and Human Performance Engineer, Intel)

Sorabh Agarwal (2006-2011, Scientist, FogPharma)

Thomas J. Lawton (2006-2013, Senior Staff Scientist, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory)

Eliza L. Zielazinski (2008-2013, Senior Process Scientist, Abbott Laboratories)

Sarah Sirajuddin (2008-2014, Senior Scientist, Merck)

Grace E. Kenney (2010-2017, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh)

Soo Y. Ro (2014-2019, Senior Scientist, AbbVie)

Matthew O. Ross (2014-2019, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Chicago)

Christopher W. Koo (2016-2022, Postdoctoral Fellow, Genentech)

Madison R. Sendzik (2018-2022)

Richard J. Jodts (2018-2023, Senior Researcher, Sasya)

Former Postdoctoral Fellows

Audrey L. Lamb (1998-2002, Professor and Department Chair, University of Texas at San Antonio)

Monika Sommerhalter (2002-2006, Professor, California State University, East Bay)

Shannon Henery (2002-2004, Chief Executive Officer, BioWorks Lab, Seattle, WA)

Liliya A. Yatsunyk (2003-2007, Professor and Department Chair, Swarthmore College)

Matthew H. Sazinsky (2004-2007, Professor, Pomona College)

Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian (2006-2011, Enterprise Excellence Black Belt and Manager, Ecolab, Minneapolis, MN)

Amie K. Boal (2008-2013, Professor, Penn State University)

Megen A. Culpepper (2009-2014, Associate Professor, Appalachian State University)

Ingrid Span (2012-2014, Professor of Bioinorganic Chemistry, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg)

Aaron T. Smith (2012-2016, Associate Professor, University of Maryland, Baltimore County)

Thomas J. Lawton (2013-2016, Senior Staff Scientist, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory)

Laura M. K. Dassama (2013-2017, Assistant Professor, Stanford University)

Rahul Purohit (2014-2017, Scientist, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research)

Grace E. Kenney (2017-2018, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh)

Oriana S. Fisher (2015-2019, Assistant Professor, Wesleyan University)

Yun Ji Park (2018-2022, Scientist II, NGM Bio)

Rose Hadley (2019-2022, Scientist, Sanofi)

Anastasia C. Manesis (2019-2023, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)